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November 29, 2013
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House of Myths : Alice by i3atmanga House of Myths : Alice by i3atmanga

This is my first time doing an RP group........ sorry for the bad art btw //sobs

My app for :iconhouse-of-myth:


Name: Alice Lee

Nickname: Lee (not really a nickname….. she just prefers people call her by her surname cuz she’s uptight and Asian like that. =w=)

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Birthday: June 4th

House: Dullahan

Rank: Doctor

Level: 2


Shy: Alice is painfully shy, to the point of actually “shying away” from people she thinks are too open and social.

Patient: Alice isn’t ignorant or ditsy, but she is very patient and hard to anger. When she’s angry, though, she becomes extremely sarcastic and has a sharp tongue.

Easily Scared and/or Startled: Alice is a bit of a scaredy-cat and crybaby. She’s scared of the weirdest things, though, like loud noises and anything overly neon. She also hates the sun because it burns her eyes. She’s fine with darkness, horror, and gore.

Weary: Alice constantly has a “deer in headlights” sort of feel. She’s always wary and suspicious of things, and always second guesses things. As a result, she often second guesses herself as well.

Kind: Despite her wariness of strangers, Alice has a soft heart for those in need. This is partially why she jumped at the chance to become the Doctor. (Not the 12th Doctor or anything, but you know what I mean)

Rational: After getting over her panic attack when being put on the spot, Alice is a very good strategist. Her introverted personality makes her very observant, and when she’s calm, Alice is good at making decisions that best fit the circumstances.

Intelligent: Alice likes to read, and thus her vocabulary is larger than a normal 12 year old. (Although she mostly reads Medicinal books and Fantasy books)




-Soft Fluffy Things

-People who are nice to her



-Cup Noodle/Instant Noodle

-Asian Food



-Rude People

-Bitter Things

-Overly Obnoxious People

-Egg Yolk



-Egotistical People



Alice was born in China, and was abandoned by her family upon birth. The adoption agency told her that her family left her on the hospital doorstep the minute her mother was released from the hospital from giving birth to her. It was assumed that the reason behind the abandonment was because Alice was female. She was adopted by an elderly couple in America when she was two, which was where she received her surname, and lived very happily with them. They taught her Mandarin, as well as English, and treated her like they would treat their own daughter. However, one day, when she was nine, Alice’s Mother died of old age. Her father died the year after. It was her parents' deaths that caused her to start learning first-aid. After her parents’ funeral, she was alone again. None of her relatives wanted to adopt such a young child who wasn’t even blood related. Alice was sent to an orphanage to be raised for the next eight years of her life. It was during her time in the orphanage that Alice developed her introverted personality as well as her distrust for adults.


It was during Halloween when Alice was eleven that the Scouts found her. She was dressed as the Grim Reaper, complete with a blood-splattered mask, as opposed to the other girls her age dressed as faeries and princesses. Alice had gotten separated from the rest of the orphanage while trick-or-treating, and was feeding a bag of popcorn to some crows in a park when a group of kids dressed in black approached her. They had explained who they were and why they had approached her, and she had listened calmly, albeit a bit disbelievingly. After ten minutes of even more detailed explaining, she had agreed to finally touch the item. The minute her hand came into contact with the item, the spirit appeared before her. Alice thought the spirit was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, and had even unconsciously blurted her thoughts out loud. She named her spirit Lan, which was written in Chinese using the characters for “mountain” and “wind”, to match with her own surname, Lee, which contained the Chinese character for “wood”. Lan’s mature and gentle personality made Alice like her immediately, while Lan found Alice’s timid personality and extensive knowledge in first aid quite adorable. The two had been inseparable since then.



Name: Lan

Gender: Female


    1.       Healing: Lan has very impressive healing abilities. She can even reattach severed limbs, although only within an hour of the separation. This is heavily influenced by Alice’s fascination with Anatomy and Medicinal Studies. She cannot, however, revive people from the dead.

    2.       Nullifying: Lan is very defense-based. She can nullify the abilities of other Spirits, although the ability power must be around the same as Lan’s for it to work. This, paired with her healing ability, makes her an ideal Doctor.

Weapon/Fighting Style:

Lan has two different weapons. Her rosary was custom made for her by Alice, and her spell book was given to her by the House. Lan doesn’t like to fight, and does so as little as possible. When she has to fight, though, she takes advantage of her agility and lack of heavy mass to slip through her opponent’s fingers. Her attacks are rather weak and don’t do much damage, due to her lack of offensive abilities, but her attack speed is very high.


Mature: Lan is a very mature spirit, and her wisdom has saved Alice many times.

Maternal: Lan’s maternal instincts are due to Alice’s lack of a real family. Although her motherly personality goes well with Alice’s tendencies to shy away from people, they sometimes make it so that Alice cannot grow and learn from her own mistakes.

Friendly: Lan is a very social spirit that likes to make small talk with other people, which makes her very different from Alice. However, she keeps herself at a distance from others, and she doesn’t have many people she can actually call friends (besides Alice).

Protective: Although Lan is usually rather carefree and laid-back, she is very protective of those she holds dear. She becomes very frantic and frustrated when she knows she is unable to do anything to help Alice during times of need.




Everyone in the House of Dullahan....

Hope Hewkins (c) :iconblue-cl0ud: 


None ATM ;w;

Close Friends:

Jay Holway (c) :iconcoconut-ruler:

Capri Brink (c) :iconsil3nts0ng: 


Other Information:

Alice’s guardians were very strict about the Asian code of conduct. Thus, Alice grew up with perfect manners. When meeting people for the first time, she calls them by their last name for at least three weeks before she can even begin to think about using their first name. Because of this, when she first arrived at the House, she kept hyperventilating whenever people called her by her first name. After a week of constant fainting in hallways, her housemates learned to call her by her last name and ask whether or not it was okay to talk in first-name-basis before actually calling her Alice.

Also, Alice on wears black and white. Her purple thigh-socks are her attempt at showing spirit. =w=



Alice could feel her heart beating frantically in her chest. She wiped her clammy hands on her sweater nervously as she fidgeted from side to side. From her peripheral vision, she could see Lan glancing worriedly at her every now and then. She focused back on the voices in front of her and the conversation the two figures were having.

“Maybe I should…?” The spirit left the unfinished question hang in the air.

“No!...... I’m okay,” Alice mumbled in reply. The two voices continued, unaffected by her outburst.

“Alright,” the spirit sighed, obviously not believing the young child curled up on the sofa.

Another couple seconds went by, and the air was so thick that you could slice it with a heated butter knife.

Finally, the spirit spoke up again.

“Alice,” she stated calmly, “I really don’t think you can handle this anymore.”

“But it just started!” Alice protested softly.

“Chihiru hasn’t even entered the bathhouse, and you’re already hyperventilating, “ Lan replied, unamused.

Alice couldn’t argue with that.

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